🕔WL in under 5 Minutes

Understand Wildlands in just under 5 minutes by getting a brief overview of the core features.

1. About Wildlands - 0:30 minutes

✍️ Wildlands creates a digital Wild West Metaverse with a mix of RPG, strategy, and life/economic simulation. The game’s main objective is to offer you a world in which you can simply relax, leave the stress of everyday life behind, and immerse yourself in an entertaining Wild West world.

✍️ It is a dynamic, real-time metaverse...

✍️ with smart characters...

✍️ with Play-2-Earn...

✍️ with captivating mini-games...

✍️ with missions/achievements.

✍️ Playable via browsers at https://play.wildlands.me (APP coming in the future)

✍️ Personal Benefits:

  1. Get unlimited access to mines, including partner mines, that may only be accessible for cardholders (i.e., no affiliate code access).

  2. Get VIP access to presale round 2 with a reduced Bitgold price (-25%).

  3. Get access to in-game Play-2-Earn features.

  4. Access to VIP attributes of the planned character NFT collection.

  5. Get early access to in-game features during testing phases before anyone else.

  6. Earn affiliate rewards (up to 20%) from other miners. Check out our official Legal Black Market on Telegram to find someone who needs your affiliate code. The affiliate earnings are non-inflationary and paid from platform fees only.

✍️ Community Benefits:

WMC revenues are partially used to buyback and burn Bitgold

3. Tokenomics - 0:15 minutes

✍️ Max supply: 11,000,000

✍️ Automatic burning: From staked tokens a percentage is burned reducing the max supply.

✍️ WMC Buybacks and Burns: WMC revenues are partially used to buy back and burn Bitgold.

✍️ Halving Mechanism: The Bitgold minting is reduced every 365 days.

4. Play-2-Earn - 1:30 minutes

Participating in P2E requires a Wildlands Member Card; however, anyone can enjoy free gameplay for fun.

✍️ The in-game token is called IGB (In-Game Bitgold).

✍️ Wildlands is an immersive Crypto Play-to-Earn experience featuring captivating Mini-Games seamlessly integrated into a stunning world inhabited by interactive characters, all exquisitely hand-crafted.

✍️ Primarily, the Play-to-Earn mode operates on a cyclic basis of 30 days.

✍️ Following each cycle, participants with the highest accumulations of IGBs will receive rewards in BTG.

✍️ In-game rewards are determined by the VIP Level, earning more IGBs with higher VIP levels while playing.

✍️ Each cycle has an allocated reward pool of 9,125 BTG distributed among the 100 best players.

✍️ Some games require energy. A player's maximum energy is 100, with a recharge rate of 1 per 5 minutes, totaling 288 per day.

✍️ Wildlands currently have 3 integrated Mini-Games

  1. Blackjack

    ✍️ You will get credited the following IGBs counted towards the current Play-to-Earn cycle.

Game StateReward w/o VIP Bonus

Win (Standard)

0.01 IGBs

Win (Double-Down)

0.02 IGBs

Win (Blackjack)

0.03 IGBs


0.00 IGBs

  1. Fishing with two modes

    1. Challenge Mode, which gets more difficult with more stages a player passes.

    2. Earning Mode to catch fish and other things

✍️ Items and fish can be sold in the intelligent in-game DEX simulation.

IconNameValued at (w/o VIP Bonus)

Sweet Zipper Fish

max. 0.01 IGBs

Black Swimmer Fish

max. 0.05 IGBs

Big Eye Fish

max. 0.05 IGBs

Old tin

max. 0.02 IGBs


max. 0.001 IGBs

✍️ In total, there are 30 fruits growing every 6 hours.

✍️ Fruits can be sold in the intelligent in-game DEX simulation.

IconNameValued at (w/o VIP Bonus)

Cactus Fruits

max. 0.0025 IGBs

✍️ There is a CACTUS LAND, which can be reached from VIP Level 7, allowing to harvest additional 21 cactus fruits.

5. VIP Levels and In-Game DEX Simulation - 0:30 minutes

✍️ Items are not automatically counted towards the current Play-to-Earn cycle. Players can keep them in their inventory and sell them to in-game characters using the intelligent in-game DEX simulation.

✍️ Higher VIP Levels increase the maximum value that is paid in IGB when selling items and generate higher in-game rewards.

✍️ However, the more items a player sells, the less the characters pay for the them.

✍️ The DEX resets every 28 days, incorporating the prevailing VIP Bonus at the time of reset.

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