🤝Affiliate System

If you are the owner of a WMC card, you can earn up to 20% in affiliate fees, depending on your WMC card. The affiliate fee is paid either as a percentage of the purchase price if someone buys a new card from Tyler or as a percentage of the mine tool fees paid when someone stakes/unstakes using your affiliate code.

Affiliate Code

This is an 8-digit code that you can share to earn affiliate fees. The affiliate code is assigned directly to your WMC card. If you sell your WMC card, the new owner will also receive the affiliate rewards of the affiliate codes that you shared. Learn more here about how to generate and use affiliate codes

Wildland's commission system is non-inflationary as no new tokens are minted to pay affiliate rewards. Read more about how to get a WMC card here.

Watch this nice video below to get everything you need to know about our affiliate mechanism:

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