🔠Contract Addresses

1. Token, Protocol & NFT Contracts

Bitgold Token: 0x2b1E1E8e1D821564016bBC4383D1159cd37b06A4

Wildlands has its own token, with a maximum supply of 11,000,000 tokens. The tokens are minted over time by the BitMaster contract, which incorporates a yearly halving mechanism to ensure a steady and sustainable token supply.

Minting starts at unix timestamp XXX.

Current minting rate per second: 0.15625

Next halving scheduled for unix timestamp XXX.

BitMaster: 0x386E2d431429589168f464758a8Fb2d18b1E7b8D

The Bit Master contract owns the Bitgold token and is responsible for distributing the token to its users. In addition, the contract applies a halving mechanism to maintain the maximum supply of the token over time.

Wildlands Member Cards (WMC): 0x62061b764EC66FE1Bd8910b1Af780043976A6c68

To access the mines and staking pools in the Wildlands mines, having a Wildlands Member Card or registering as a member using an affiliate code is necessary. You can earn affiliate fees by promoting Wildlands to others using your Member Card. For more detailed information on the Wildlands Member Cards, their benefits, and how to get your affiliate code, please refer to the Wildlands Member Cards section.

Non-Fungible Cowboys (NFC): 0x69799454f8c742690e20a34b953521fda013159e

The Non-Fungible Cowboys represent the first NFT collection launched by Wildlands, consisting of 111 distinct cowboys that have been crafted by hand with utmost care and attention to detail. These cowboys will serve as the VIP base for the upcoming NFT character collection, allowing users to customize their characters and claim ownership over their uniquely customized characters.

2. Secondary Contracts

BitRam: 0x04CB8274aC5135491332B8115217B36D6c7D40b5

The BitRam contract securely stores the Bitgold that users earned until they claim it.

WildlandCardSale: 0x3e7bc4A2025fd162Fcdb960e05E65912E13e0aE4

The WMC minter, essentially the brain and heart of Tyler, enables users to purchase or mint new WMC cards every Thursday (UTC) for 24 hours.

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