Harvesting is the quickest way to quickly earn in-game Bitgold

Participating in P2E requires a Wildlands Member Card; however, anyone can enjoy free gameplay for fun. Read here for detailed information on the Wildlands Member Cards and their benefits.

✍ī¸ Have you looked around? There are plenty of cactus fruits to be harvested.

✍ī¸ In total, there are 30 fruits growing every 6 hours.

✍ī¸ Fruits are not automatically counted towards the current Play-to-Earn cycle. Players can keep them in their inventory and sell them to the barkeeper because he likes to brew cactus beer. Just talk to him.

✍ī¸ However, the more fruits a player sells, the less the barkeeper pays for the fruits based on an intelligent in-game DEX simulation.

✍ī¸ Higher VIP levels generate higher in-game rewards in IGB. Refer to VIP Bonus for more information.

✍ī¸ There is a CACTUS LAND, which can be reached from VIP Level 7, allowing to harvest additional 21 cactus fruits.

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